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Third Polish-Israeli Intergovernmental Consultations held in Jerusalem

​The Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Prime Minister of the State of Israel note with satisfaction the success of today’s Intergovernmental Consultations in Jerusalem, during the course of which various documents were signed cementing the ongoing cooperation between the two Countries in the areas discussed at the bilateral meetings between the Ministers.

The Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the State of Israel held for the third time Intergovernmental Consultations in Jerusalem. Following is a joint statement:

The Prime Minister of the Polish Government, Ms. Beata Szydło, and the Prime Minister of the Israeli Government, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, note with satisfaction the friendly relations and the special partnership between the two Countries, the unreserved mutual support and reciprocal respect for each other's sovereignty and the shared recognition of the political, security and economic needs of both Countries.

The Prime Ministers reiterate their objective to strengthen the already close relations between the Governments and to solidify the unique ties between the two societies, based on the thousand-year-long relationship between the Polish and the Jewish people.

The Prime Ministers wish to thank all those who have worked tirelessly to advance the ties between the two Countries and societies.

The following Government members took part in the consultations:

On the Polish side:
Prime Minister, Ms. Beata Szydło; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Witold Waszczykowski; Minister of Sport and Tourism Mr. Witold Bańka; Minister of National Defense, Mr. Antoni Macierewicz; Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy, Ms. Elżbieta Rafalska; Undersecretary of State Ministry of Economic Development, Ms. Jadwiga Emilewicz; Secretary of State, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Mr. Jarosław Sellin; Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Mr. Piotr Dardziński, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of National Education, Mr. Maciej Kopeć.

On the Israeli side:
Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu; Minister of Defense, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman;; Minister of Labour Welfare and Social Services, Mr. Haim Katz; Minister of Tourism, Mr. Yariv Levin; Deputy Minister of Finance, Industry and Economy, Mr. Yitzhak Cohen; Director General, Ministry of Economy and Industry, Mr. Amit Lang; Director General Ministry of Culture and Sport, Mr. Yossi Sharabi; Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, Chief Scientist, Prof. Alexander Bligh; Cabinet Secretary Mr. Zachi Braverman.

Foreign Affairs
The Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the State of Israel share history and common values that are the cornerstone of the unique ties between the two peoples, based on hundreds of years of common history. Both Governments are determined to enhance their Strategic Partnership based on longstanding friendship, shared values and mutual trust. As the global political, economic and security landscape becomes ever more complex, joint contribution of Poland and Israel to reinforcing pillars of the international order based upon our shared values can be of high value.

Both Governments reaffirm their joint aim to further strengthen bilateral relations and welcome the growing intensity of the high-level contacts as well as experts and working level visits with emphasis on bolstering economic, science & technology, cyber, defense, security and cultural cooperation.

Both Governments stress their interest to continue holding the Intergovernmental Consultations with the aim of promoting joint cooperation and setting new targets in all key areas.

Both Governments emphasize the need to further develop strong relations between the State of Israel and the European Union and to continue cooperation in economic, scientific, research and development, regional and security strategic areas.

In the United Nations and other international organizations, the Republic of Poland and the State of Israel will jointly promote the values upon which both States were founded. In that respect, the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the State of Israel will continue to cooperate closely.

Both Governments share the belief that a just and lasting solution to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict must and can be reached only based on the principle of two States for two peoples.

Both Governments strongly affirm that any challenge to the right of existence of the State of Israel and calls for its de-legitimization and boycott are unacceptable.

Both Governments expressed their hope for Israel´s peaceful coexistence with all its neighbors.

Both Governments reiterate their strong commitment to human rights and to the fight against all forms of intolerance and racial discrimination, including anti-Semitism.

Both Governments will take action for the promotion and more active implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Consultations between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel signed on December 1, 2004 in Warsaw.

Both Governments will continue regular consultations by Senior Officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs on regional and international issues, exchange views on matters of mutual concern and promote their bilateral cooperation in political, economic and trade, scientific and technological, cultural and other fields.

Both Governments express their willingness to engage in joint development activities in developing Countries and are ready to strengthen dialogue on various forms of cooperation in the field of development assistance and explore possible ways to establish a platform for bilateral development dialogue.

The Ministers of Defense will continue to improve existing defense ties and to foster close cooperation between both Countries. This will be a mutually beneficial and trustful relationship which is based on true partnership and operational experience, facilitated further by our respective technological and industrial infrastructure. The defense institutes will continue their dialogue and cooperation in the face of shared threats and concerns, regionally and globally, in order to promote security in a way that will serve the mutual long-term interests of the Republic of Poland and the State of Israel.

In this framework, the Ministries of Defense shall continue to work towards conclusion of a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between the Governments, which will facilitate and resolve legal and logistic aspects of the military and defense cooperation between the two nations.

The Governments have expressed their satisfaction with the success of meetings between IDF and officers of the Polish Armed Forces as part of the “Witnesses in Uniform” and “Friends in Uniform” projects, and have decided to continue holding these meetings. Regular bilateral visits, as well as the strategic dialogue between the two Ministries, are highly valued by both Governments and provide an excellent opportunity for mutual understanding.

Culture and National Heritage
The Governments underlined their commitment to strengthen cultural activities and initiatives, which will help to further deepen mutual understanding and cooperation between both societies. They emphasized their willingness to engage in new ideas and projects which will extend into the future of the two States.

Innovation, Science and Technology
The Governments appreciate the cooperation in the field of Innovation, Science and Technology and signify this field as a priority for further development and as an excellent mean to strengthen friendly bilateral relations between the scientific and entrepreneurs communities in both Countries.

The Governments emphasize their intention to encourage cooperation in the fields of technology Innovation, Science Research, Industrial Research & Development and to identify new directions and fields of collaboration such as Agriculture, IT, Cyber security and Healthcare solutions.

Both Governments recognize the successful cooperation that currently exists in the field of R&D and innovation, based on the non-exclusive cooperation agreement between NCBR (PL) and the OCS (IL) and declare their intention to enhance their cooperation.

Space Cooperation
Both governments will explore the possibilities for cooperation in the field of space.

Economy, Trade, Investments, Tourism and Energy
Both Governments appreciate the intensive economic and trade cooperation which has been founded on a solid legal and institutional framework. The trade exchange has been developing positively over the last decade and both Governments are interested in further increasing the trade volumes during the upcoming years.

Both Governments are interested in further expanding and diversifying their trade and investments flows based on their mutual competitive advantages and strengths.

Both Governments will focus on fostering business friendly environment in all areas of common interest including incentives for direct investments, creation of favorable taxation regimes as well as an active approach to joint new platforms for entrepreneurship and innovation, such as exhibitions, business forums, seminars and business meetings organized both in Israel and Poland.

Both Governments confirm their ongoing intention to further encourage the bilateral agricultural trade with the goal of expanding agricultural knowledge sharing and trade flows.

The Governments are ready to continue their efforts put to remove existing administrative and technical barriers to trade respecting International Agreements the Countries are parties of.

The Governments note the importance of promotion and facilitation of cooperation and information exchange in the field of advanced energy technologies, providing a high standard of energy security and resilience of energy infrastructure to end consumers and reducing energy intensity of both economies.

Both Governments declared ongoing efforts to enhance their successful cooperation in these areas and prioritize their efforts to involve Polish and Israeli businesses and research institutions in the Energy sector.

Recognizing the importance of tourism for development of economic and cultural relations as well as better understanding of the life, history and culture of both Countries, the Governments encouraged the expansion and diversification of Tourism between the Countries and have invited representatives of their relevant tour operators, hotel entrepreneurs, airlines and the business community members as well as local authorities to collaborate in mutual initiatives including the launching of a new tourism products and further exploration of investment opportunities in accommodations and hotels.

Cyber Security
The Governments seek to strengthen their cooperation on cyber security and combatting cyber-crime, and to expand knowledge, understanding and expertise on cyber security from technological, strategic, social, international and legal perspectives.

Holocaust Remembrance
In view of the approaching 75th anniversary of the first transport of victims to the first German death camp in Kulmhof am Ner, marking the beginning of the 75th Anniversary of ‘Aktion Reinhardt’ and the Extermination of Polish Jews perpetrated by the German Third Reich, the Governments declare that, acting within their purviews, they will spare no efforts to ensure that future generations honor the memory of all the Jews murdered during ‘Aktion Reinhardt’ – the greatest Nazi German act of genocide during the Holocaust of European Jews – as well as other victims of Nazi German crimes. ‘Aktion Reinhardt’ executed with the intention of killing Jews in occupied Poland, claimed the lives of up to 2 million people.
The Governments recognize the continued need for comprehensive and unrestricted research of Holocaust-era events and processes, and support institutions and individuals that conduct and facilitate such research.

The Governments note with satisfaction the cooperation between Yad Vashem and other Israeli institutions and Polish institutions concerning Holocaust education and history of the Jewish and Polish people during the Second World War. The Governments commend activities aimed at commemorating the victims of the Holocaust as well as cultivating the memory of the Righteous among the Nations. In this regard, the Governments welcome the recent opening of the Museum of Poles Saving Jews during World War Two in Markowa – the first educational center, devoted solely to document and present the stories of the Righteous.

The Governments note with satisfaction the decision of the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, Minister for Culture and National Heritage Prof. Piotr Gliński, to fund the project of the establishing of the International Center for Education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust in the so-called Old Theatre building in Oświęcim, as a part of Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

The Governments attribute great importance to their dedicated efforts in the field of education, particularly in eradicating false stereotypes on both Countries. Both Governments firmly oppose any form of discrimination on racial grounds and anti-Semitism, as well as any attempts at distorting the history of the Jewish or Polish peoples by denying or diminishing the victimhood of the Jews during the Holocaust, or using the erroneous terms of memory such as “Polish death camps”.

The Governments recognize the great importance of preserving structures and the authentic exhibits that still remain in the former concentration and death camps that were built by Nazi Germany in the occupied Poland.

The Governments view favorably the well-developed long-term cooperation between Yad Vashem and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and other Polish institutions, specially the recent development of cooperation between Yad Vashem and POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. Both Governments stress the importance of advancing relations between the Israeli and Polish youth based on mutual respect and understanding.

The Governments are committed to support the Jewish exhibition at Block No. 27 in Auschwitz-Birkenau and both Governments will continue to support and assist combining the Jewish exhibition within the regular route of visitors’ tours at Auschwitz.

Youth Meetings and Education
The Governments will strengthen the programs encouraging youth exchanges between the two Countries, through the recognition that such mutual youth exchanges are vital to bolstering the ties between the two peoples.The Governments express their satisfaction with the youth meetings conducted to date in the framework of the Closer to Each Other - “Bliżej Siebie” Programme. .

Both Governments favor the deepening of Israel’s participation in EU activities in the area of education, and in particular in the programs for higher education.

Working Holiday Arrangement
The Governments have decided to work swiftly towards launching a Working Holiday Arrangement and to conclude the negotiations of the Bilateral Arrangement on that matter. This new Arrangement will allow young people aged 18 to 30 to spend longer periods of time in the respective States while supporting themselves through work, and will help enhance the people-to-people relations between the two States.

Social and Social Security Affairs
The Governments, through their respective Ministers of Social Affairs, have decided that a mutual cooperation and best practices exchange be made by the Ministries' senior professional officials. An Agreement between the State of Israel and the Republic of Poland on Social Security, and the Administrative Arrangement for the Implementation of the Agreement have been signed.

The Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Prime Minister of the State of Israel note with satisfaction the success of today’s Intergovernmental Consultations in Jerusalem, during the course of which various documents were signed cementing the ongoing cooperation between the two Countries in the areas discussed at the bilateral meetings between the Ministers.
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