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Attack in the central bus station in Beersheva soldier was killed and 11 were wounded, the terrorist was killed Featured

Terrorist armed with a pistol and a knife entered the station without being detained nation. He killed a soldier, seized the weapon and opened fire at passers-by.

One person was killed and 11 others were wounded in the attack in Beersheba central bus station - after a terrorist entered the scene with a gun and a knife and attacked passers-by. He shot and killed an IDF soldier, snatched his rifle and continued firing the audience. Four were seriously wounded, and the rest sustained light to moderate injuries. Medical teams evacuated the wounded to medical treatment at Soroka Hospital in the city.

Eritrean foreign national, was suspected of being accidentally second terrorist was shot by security forces and wounded.
A police force that was in place quickly responded, killed terrorist and prevented a more serious attack.

The authorities will have to examine how the assailant was able to enter the secure station by private security guards without being tested and without being detected.
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