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President Rivlin’s Rosh Hashanah greeting Featured

​In his Rosh Hashanah greeting to the Diaspora, President Rivlin stresses challenges facing Jewish leaders, calls for greater engagement with Israel among the younger generation

In the run up the Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, President Reuven Rivlin issued his traditional greeting to Jewish communities around the world.

In the message he stressed that, “Today the Jewish community and its leaders - in Israel and around the world - face three very difficult challenges.” He named the first as the “well-being of Jewish communities in need” of whom he said, “we must work to help them continue to be proud to be Jewish, with security, free from anti-Semitism, and free to wear a Kipa in the street.” The President reiterated that, “every Jew will always have a home in Israel, but should have the right to live without fear where they wish, and we must stand up for this right”.

The President noted that the “second challenge is to strengthen the bond between Israel and the Diaspora – especially the younger generation.”

He asked to speak directly to young Jews around the world and stressed firmly, “do not take Israel for granted, do not forget that our destinies are tied together.” He continued, “You hear arguments about religion, between right and left, and you see the conflict that has been forced on us with our neighbors and feel you have no voice,” and added, “I say to you, this year, come to Israel and visit, come to Israel and learn, Israel is a strong democracy, come and hear and be heard. Because we are one people, and have a duty to each other”.

The President also noted that a third challenge was “how to build bridges between all the different communities in Israel; religious, secular, Jewish, and Arab. We must build together a shared hope for Israel for our shared future in this land”. He said, “as President of Israel this shared hope is at the top of my agenda, and I see you all as important partners in this mission”.

The President concluded, “Let us this year, let’s face these challenges together. This is our strength. I wish you all a happy and sweet New Year”.

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